Garden Rooms

The Garden Office

In 2020 the Garden Office has become a popular, sought after resource with more people encouraged to work from home this year. A Garden Office will allow you to keep your work and home-life separate while providing you with a sleek, modern workspace to complete your work-related tasks in your own tranquil space. Contact us to discuss how we custom build our offices to your requirements with the goal of promoting a productive and useful work zone.

The Garden Gym

Whether you prefer to work out in a private space or are looking to build your own gym for a cleaner, isolated space then we can help create a suitable space to keep fit. You will still have the motivated feeling of “going to the gym” without leaving your garden. Contact us to discuss your personal garden gym.

The Garden Bar

Over lockdown our social media newsfeed has been filled with many adults creating a bar in their own garden since restrictions made it difficult to head to our local pub. Not only is this a great feature for lockdown, but a garden bar means cheaper drinks in a comfortable space where you are guaranteed to get a seat. Contact us to discuss how we can bring the pub to you.

The Garden Playroom

This can be a safe, sensory-space playroom for babies and toddlers or a games room for older children, teenagers and adults. An exterior fun place for noise and play helps to maintain a tranquil and quieter space in your home. Contact us to discuss how we can create the perfect build for your garden playroom.

The Garden Studio

A blank canvas garden studio can have a variety of uses depending on your needs. Whether you need a photography studio, yoga studio or holistic studio we can create a space that is both professional for business requirements and comfortable for personal use. Contact us for further information on how we can create a garden studio that is right for you.

Whatever Your Requirements

We Can Create It

Contact us today about our special offers and how we can you build the garden room of your dreams